Without dedicated investment in the capacity of not-for-profits to collect good data and stories for assessing their impact, they are unable to measure their success, and learn from THEIR work. impact evaluation to enABLE continuous improvement requires funding.

The icare Foundation is now providing their own assessment framework based on impact for projects they fund. This ensures that their grantees have the ability to collect and assess impact measures. Their model includes a section for initial impact measurement or due diligence as well as ongoing impact monitoring.

Spark Strategy, a leading Australian consultancy for the social sector, praises this approach: “measurement of impact is important – invest time and energy up front to get this right.”

“The field of impact measurement is evolving, moving away from hard quantitative measurement to rounder, more holistic views of the impact, often best captured and told by stories.”
— George Liacos, Managing Director of Spark Strategy

The benefit of creating an impact assessment framework is to assign value to impact in a way that is transparent, credible and shareable. Investing in stories and data about outcomes can create benefits for the entire sector, as learnings are shared and built upon.