Ever wondered what percentage of your donation goes to the cause?

To create more impact, it is necessary that charities invest in areas such as talent, infrastructure and innovation. Perhaps then, the better question to ask is...


"What impact has my donation created?"

The traditional assumption is...

The less money spent on overheads (administration costs), the more money available for the cause.


But low overheads don’t meet needs, high performance does.

By investing in the professional development of staff, new technology and public awareness through marketing, not-for-profits are able to multiply their social impact. As such, rather than the size of their internal expenses, not-for-profits should be assessed by their outcomes. Not-for-profits require the same resources as any business in order to innovate and adapt to meet their community's needs.


5 areas to fund to amplify impact




Investing in evaluation allows not-for-profits to assess their level of impact. This allows organisations to learn and continuously improve. 


Investing in top talent as well as skills and leadership development is key to an effective social sector. We need outstanding human resources to tackle the big issues.


Embracing the risk of innovation is essential for enhancing the way not-for-profits operate, and deliver breakthrough solutions for their cause.



Expenditure on fundraising, IT systems, marketing and promotion allows a not for profit to grow their available resources and therefore grow their impact.


Investing in an organisation’s ability to create relationships and advocate for causes is critical. Effective collaboration and increased public awareness helps achieve the greatest impact.


Accessing Resources


Our resource library contains great tools and examples to help you fund for impact.


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